Friday, May 4, 2012

The Lazy Wife tries Gardening... again.

Blue/Purple Hydrangea
Well everyone, I've moved.  The boxes are unpacked, but not everything has a home yet, mainly the craft room is still a bit of a mess, but it's coming along.

Some of you may know that gardening runs in my family.  My grandpa at one point had about 300 orchids... my mom generally has several orchids growing and used to have masses of african violets.  My dad maintains the garden around their house and usually has lots of vegetables and flowers to share with family and friends.  My sister always has a great garden going... but somehow, I missed out on this family green thumb.  I've killed just about every plant I've ever owned. 

I think I have identified my problem though... it's that I am an inconsistent water-er. 

I get really excited in the beginning and water regularly... then I lose interest and my plants become neglected... then I realize that I've been neglecting them but I can't remember the last time I watered... so I over water... then I forget for a while... you see the cycle.  This is a pretty consistent feature in my life overall - I can do some things consistently, like brush my teeth and feed my cat every day, but I'm not so good when it's something I have to do every few days... Needless to say, this is not a behavior that many plants can live with... so they give up on me and go to the big garden in the sky.

However, they say that identifying the problem is the first step to overcoming it... or something like that.  So, I'm trying again.  I was going to start out small... like, with a cast-iron plant, which I hear are very hard to kill... but then I visited my sister this last weekend and I ended up with quite a few plants to put in my back patio, and a couple for inside my apartment.  Not that I'm complaining... I just have a horrible feeling that I'll relapse into a plant murderer again :(

But, to be hopeful... things have started out fairly well.  I only have one plant that is looking somewhat dead (but it looked like that when I got it, so I don't feel like it's entirely my fault).  I do feel rather good about the Peonies... since they looked rather sad when I got them from Costco, and now they're looking a lot more perky and happy.

Lovely Peony

Hopefully, I'll continue to be able to post pictures of my tiny garden... with plants that are not on death's doorstep... and my plant murdering days will be in the past.

Baby Basil Plant

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