Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Very Quick Update

Hello Friends!

It has been a while... but I've been working and working and working... since my Husband didn't have a job... Well, he had two jobs, but they were only part-time, so those kind of don't really count as a Job job.  But now he has a Job job... so we're happy.  The only problem now - we have to move (about 280 miles north of where we are now).

But this is good for us!  (I keep trying to tell myself that - over and over again)  And it's good for you because I'll actually have time to write about my cookery and crafty adventures!  (And maybe a few more comics for fun)  Yup that's right, in about three weeks time the Lazy Wife will be back :D

Also, I wanted to do a little shout out to the people that commented because they found my blog on Pinterest.  I wasn't even on Pinterest myself, but people pinned the Honey Bran Muffins I made, so that's awesome!  Thanks to everyone that pinned my muffins!  You make me feel loved :D

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